Earth Wire PVC Copper Core PSE Solar Cables

Earth Wire PVC Copper Core PSE Solar Cables
  • Popular Size: 4.0/6.0mm2
  • Voltage Rating:300/500v, 450/750v
  • Insulation: PVC Color: Green and Yellow
  • Protect: UV/Ozone/Hydrolysis Resistance
  • Outlet thread: 6.1/7.2 mm
  • Resistance Max.: 4.75/3.39 OHM/Km
  • Current Carrying Capacity:55/70 Amps استعلام


Solar PSM®’s Earth Wire PVC Copper Core PSE Solar Cables owns many advantages.Its advantages are as follows.


1.Executive Standard

 Earth wire PVC copper core yellow green are used for solar system.

2.Earth Wire PVC Copper core

Earth Wire Tinned Flexible Copper Wire No Halogen PO Insulation & Sheath Photovoltaic System Cable.


Applied to  solar panels for power generation and related components of the wiring, connection, particularly suitable for outdoor . Resistance to sunlight, anti-aging , Using the low smoke halogen-free flame retardant materials, higher grade, more safety .

4.Cable Characteristics

  1. Standard: BS6004, IEC227
  2.  Application:earth wire with PVC copper core yellow green   are used for general purpose
  3. Construction:Solid or stranded, annealed copper conductor, PVC insulated.
  4.  Voltage:300/500V, 450/750V
  5. Core Color:Red, brown, green, yellow/green, black, blue, yellow
  6. Popular Size: 4.0/6.0mm2
  7. Voltage Rating:300/500v, 450/750v
  8. Insulation: PVC         Color: Green and Yellow
  9. Protect: UV/Ozone/Hydrolysis Resistance
  10. Outlet thread: 6.1/7.2 mm
  11. Resistance Max.: 4.75/3.39 OHM/Km
  12. Current Carrying Capacity:55/70 Amps

Specification of Earth Wire PVC Copper Core PSE Solar Cables

Earth Wire PVC Copper Core PSE Solar Cables
Core Conductor Tinned annealed copper(stranded core)
Popular Sizes One core, 18AWG to 4/0 AWG
Cable Conductor Stranded tinned annealed copper
Insulation Electron-beam cross-linked Polyolefin(XLPE)
Jacket XLPE(black, red)
Nominal Volvatage Uo/U= 600/1000VAC, 1000/1800VDC
Test Voltage 6500V, 50HZ, 5Min
Emperature Rating -45C upto +125C, -40F upto +257F
Ambient Temperature 25 years(-40C upto +90C, -40F upto +194F)
Max Short Circuit T 280C, +536F
Fire Performance UL1581 VW-1
Approval UL4703